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Self Worship is the act of being your best self and living your best life celebrating, devoting and honoring every moment of it, and you.  Honoring your boundaries, feeling so damn good and living a life that feels the same way, revering every footstep that is your own. 

You are meant to have fun and feel good, you are meant to be respected, loved, nourished, protected and anything else you desire and need is meant to be fulfilled. You have the power to give everything to yourself. 

You breath out stardust, walk in between worlds and drip divinity - you are everything and to worship yourself you worship everything. 

You are the Divine and everything within and without it. Worship your breath, worship your body, worship your life because you are holy and sweet. You are miraculous and completely divine. You hold everything you need in your own hands. You are God, you are Goddess. This is only to be realized and embodied for everything to align as so. 

The earth is blessed to have your feet walk upon it, the air is delighted to have you bring it into your lungs, everything you touch is graced. 

Use this candle for self love, sensual, sexual, and beauty spellwork. Light to celebrate your existence, your beautiful self. Light to ignite your inner flame and passion. Light to amplify love, bliss and pleasure. 

This is a set of two Self Worship candles! 

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