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A compliment to Self Love Soy Candle, Self Love Aroma Oil is for self love, peace, happiness and success from within to without. An aroma oil to anoint your body with beautiful scent, intention and magical energy.

A magical formula that is powerful enough to not only help you feel and enhance this energy within you but as others catch the scent the emotions and energy will be stirred within them in a positive way and direction especially as your own inner self love amplifies the blend, and the blend amplifies your self love - it is a loop of inner power and love. 

The scent is the same as the Self Love Soy Candle with lavender, rose, lemon and chamomile, with an herb blend for intentions and amplification along with rose quartz, citrine and quartz crystals. This can be used in the morning during your routines and rituals, to anoint candles, items or yourself, before bed, before spell work or intentional work, before energy work, or just when you desire a boost in the energy that this blend provides. 

This aroma oil was crafted from the genuine place within me and that I am that is love and happiness. Together in this blend we feel this "I am everything and everything is me." From this place everything we desire is us and already ours. Everything we love is already who and what we are. We are enough because we are not lacking because we are everything. 

May you remember and embody who you truly are, may this blend be a pinhole of light for you on your journey. 

This comes in a glass 10ML roller bottle. 


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