Rose Aromatherapy Oil

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The queen of flowers, bringer of all love, and teacher of fiercely loving honor. Sweet beloves rose, a beloved flower of divinity, beauty and balance. An aroma unlike any other in the world that uplifts and soothes the heart, calms and awakens the mind and energy, and calls in love, beauty, grace and protection. 

Rose, admired for her beauty and aroma offers much more and so generously. Her medicine is potent and revered among those who understand her wisdom. Within this Rose Aromatherapy bottle holds rose essence in all her glory. Delicate whole rose flowers, rose petal infused olive oil, rose absolute and rose quartz come together in a deeply sacred, highly potent aromatherapy blend. 

Rose is the honey of flowers. Sweet and slow, gentle and pure. Rose teaches us to protect ourselves through fierce but loving boundaries, and teaches us to honor ourselves and ask for what we need and desire without apologizing for it. Rose helps us evolve into our best selves. Guiding us into grace and love. Calling in all versions of love of the highest kind; self love, divine love, partner love, friend love, family love.

Infusing rose energy into our daily lives can welcome in all things beautiful and right-feeling, and allow barriers and blocks and all that no longer serves to gently fall away. Rose is slow medicine, soft medicine and rose is also piercing beauty and radical protection. To get to her delicate petals you must respect the thorns. 

Wake up each given day and smell the roses as you are called to anchor in a calm and clear mind, an open and lovingly held heart and a higher way of being. Bring your Rose Aromatherapy Oil with you into your day to invite in love, grace, and open heart being and call in protection and honor. Use in ritual to call in the love you desire and honor the goddess/divine feminine/mother/maiden energy. Rub on your heart and womb space to activate hidden teachings from within. Wear on a romantic night to enhance your natural essence. 

Rose has many gifts she generously gives, allow yourself to tune in and enjoy this sacred nectar of Rose. Allow her to meet you where you are at and call you into your beloved self. Here you will find what has been lost, what has been forgotten and what you have been looking for. 

May your edges be softened, and your power be known. 


10ML Glass Roll On Bottle

Ingredients: organic extra virgin rose infused olive oil, organic rose absolute, organic rose petals and flowers, rose quartz, love. 

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