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Queens Toner is a face toner created with a formula of herbs, barks, roots and flowers that has been used by ancient queens and pharaohs as well as more modern queens and women. It is a toner to maintain vitality, and mysteriously beautiful skin. Protect from all the environmental stressors that cause aging, clear the skin, balance complexion and give a deep cleanse and tone. It will give you the complexion of a goddess, an immortal queen. 

While anti aging products have the right idea, they typically have the wrong intention. Instead of working to achieve our skins natural state of youthfulness, vitality and beauty, typically we are taught to strive for the impossible. Therefore, we spend thousands just to look like a photoshopped model or our idea of youthful complexion. Big industries make millions due to this mindset. 

Realistically, we should be focusing on the roots of aging in the first place, and know that we can in fact slow down the aging process with making different lifestyle choices, as well as using the right products.  We should also know that most “signs of aging” are actually just unhealthy skin. Most products today do the exact opposite of what they say they will do. Especially  anti-aging products because they are so packed full of toxins and chemicals adding to the other factors that quicken aging, cause acne, and just destroy our health. Pollution, free radicals, and many environmental and personal things factor into what may seem like aging. 

With this toner  I invite you to embrace your beauty as it is, and see it all from a different perspective. Your soul is immortal, you are a queen, a goddess in physical form. Our skin so often is deprived of nutrition however, and it is up to us to honor our physical vessel that holds our spirit. 

❣️What can Queens Toner do? 

This toner is crafted through sacred alchemy to maintain youthfulness through protecting the skin from pollution, metals, toxins, free radicals etc. as well as keeping the pores from getting clogged and balancing the pH of the skin resulting in clearing of the skin of acne, even cystic acne through continual use. This toner can even eventually reverse the damage done from previous use of harsh products and other factors into signs of aging. 

This face toner provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the ultimate healthy skin. This toner soothes inflamed skin, heals wounds, blisters, sores and rashes. Prevents fine lines and wrinkles caused by degrading the skins natural barrier. Protects the barrier of the skin and cleanses the skin without stripping the natural oils of the skin. It also works to balance all skin imbalances leaving glowing, smooth and clear skin. It stimulates skin cells promoting cell growth and regeneration. Tones and firms the skin. Balances sebum production so it’s great for oily and acne prone skin. Is gentle enough for sensitive skin and will balance dry, mature, and combination skin. This toner potentially heals scars, and marks. It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits, essential vitamins and minerals, disinfectant benefits, antibacterial benefits. It  clears acne and keeps it gone, removes cold sores, improves skin texture and so much more. 

This toner can also be used on the scalp to promote healthy, luxurious hair and a healthy scalp as well as reverse premature graying and balding. 

This toner is deeply soothing and a true miracle worker thanks to all the plant allies that have come together to bring us back to our roots, and connect us with the secrets of women of beauty (inside and out) such as Cleopatra, and many rulers before and after her. We can all share in the benefits of natural, healthy skin thanks to knowledge past down through generations and centuries. 


Ingredients: organic unrefined acv, organic rose infused aloe vera, organic wilcrafted peach blossom, witch hazel bark, rose flowers, calendula flowers, lemon balm, chamomile flowers, elderberry, roobios, white sage, lavender, rosemary, tulsi holy basil, hibiscus flowers. *organic *vegan *toxin free *no B.S. 

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