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Pyramid Oil is created with organic, unrefined, vegan and GF oils and resins, as well as crystals  sacred to ancient Egypt. This oil is created to celebrate the anniversary of my Egypt trip. A time of pure and incredible enlightenment, liveliness and incredible inner healing. 

On my journey in Egypt, I became attuned to ancient Egyptian healing, as well as learning many other methods and techniques to serve me and others on my journey throughout this lifetime. Using these methods I channel the ancient Egyptian healing as well as my energetic connection into this oil. 

Infusing it with the wonder, raw magic, and other incredibly positive energies that cannot be explained in words, only felt and seen by the inner eye. Egyptian and sacred energy available to you through my own now permanent connection and channel to these energies. Along with powerful Egyptian and pyramid energy, this oil includes myrrh resin, frankisence, sandalwood and lotus. Oils all sacred to the ancient Egyptians. Used for their many powerful benefits. Protection, enlightenment, manifestation, energy, sensuality, healing and inner power.

 Along with raw turquoise and raw emerald which were worn only by ancient pharaohs of royalty. Due to their powerful magic and quality. Finally, in the mix is organic blue lotus. Of which the Egyptians painted all over Egypt showing that it was used to travel to different dimensions and higher states of consciousness. If you wish to truly connect with the ancients of love and wisdom in the sacred ancient Egyptian grounds, then this oil is for you. There is no other experience that can be felt like these energies can. 

Carry this sacred oil with you, meditate on the pyramids and temples with this oil to recieve radical enlightenment and gnosis. Call upon these energies at will with this oil. Experince a magick like none other. From my heart, to yours. 

This listing is for one 10ML roll bottle of Pyramid Oil. 

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