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Completely plant based, free of toxins, organic and no B.S. Each incense cone is totally handmade.

Each herb blend burned as sacred ritual to purify the area in which the incense will be made, this smoke calls on angels and guides to be present and surround. The ashes are used in the incense blend which give psychic incense it's void like color and extra strength and power. Alchemy binds angelic and higher presence into the incense, while herbs of rosemary and holy basil come together to create pure magic and third eye opening, balancing and strengthening.

Its almost impossible to not get carried away by the intoxicating aroma. You'll feel as though you're on a beach side psychic shop surrounded in mystical, magical and high vibrational loving energy.

Jasmine, lavender and mugwort protect you from any negative energy and ill will, keeping your psychic eye safe as it opens to explore new realms of consciousness and being. Opening the gateway of the mind and allowing you to effortlessly dive deep into the mysteries of the universe. Surrounded in protection, love, and high vibrational energy you are swooped into a dimension of magic, mysticism, alchemy, clarity, and unlocked abilities.

This incense can be used during meditation to invite psychic and prophetic vision. It can be used any time answers are needed, as well as when remote viewing, astral travel, tarot or any other psychic work is being done. It can also simply be used for its enticing aroma, a scent that is unique on its own and truly incredible. Feel your third eye and crown open up, expand, and explore. Safe and protected by positive spirits that surround and sweet aromatherapy for the mind, body and spirit.

This listing is for one bag of 10 incense cones. Organic, vegan, toxin free, cruelty free, hand made, no B.S.

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