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Pomegranate Flower Essence is a gentle energetic tool to provide molecular and vibrational healing throughout the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which when brought to balance results in physical and life healing and vitality. This essence is brought together through the alchemy of sun, moon, water and plant spirit guided and infused with the wisdom of Goddesses Persephone and Inanna - the wise embodiments of all that it takes to embody our truth, power, and to birth ourselves and our life anew.

Pomegranate Flower Essence works on a deep level to pull us down and into ourselves. To get raw and real with ourselves, our truth and with what needs to be seen, felt and healed. Helping us to identify long-buried emotional needs, especially those involving the mother, childbearing, and creativity. Only when we are willing to travel into the chambers of rebirth and realize and face the most naked parts of our inner selves, are we able to be seeded with new possibility, expansion, and freedom. Pomegranate Flower Essence is your guide, your midwife, the gatekeeper standing in between worlds to guide you through them. To help you realize you too are a bridge between worlds and teach you to discover yourself in all your glory and love it.

Pomegranate Flower Essence is primal embodiment. Holding that which is within us - the urge to create, procreate, co-create, to nurture and be nurtured. This flowers essence is beautiful for difficulties in the receiving or giving of maternal support and for where there has been lack in childhood nurturing. This essence helps us heal the mother wounds and our relationship to the feminine archetype. Pomegranate Flower Essence helps to expand the body-soul identity.

This flower essence has also been used to help those who struggle to accept and/or enjoy the role of being a parent, those who struggle with conceiving or have fertility issues, the struggle of deciding one is ready or not to become a parent, and with women struggling with the emotional distress of menopause. Pomegranate Flower Essence has been used to help clear reproductive and sexual trauma and to help set clear boundaries around these areas.

Pomegranate Flower Essence helps us find balance, individual choice, embodiment, and fulfillment of human potential in all levels of life by creating harmony within our creative energy - that which sustains us.

May the Goddesses of decent, unveiling, and rebirth guide you unto yourself. May this expand you outward with your full potential into the world.


*1 OZ Glass Dropper Bottle*

To use: Take 4 or 13 drops (according to your intuition that day) on the tongue, in a beverage or bath, on your skin or in food 4x daily. Close your eyes and breathe, feel the subtleties. Take until you forget about the essence. If there is essence left when you feel your time with it is finished, offer it safely back to the earth with gratitude.

Ingredients: Pomegranate Flower Essence, Reverse Osmosis Water, Distilled Spirits, Peach Brandy.

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