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Pheonix Candle

I am the fire of love. I am rebirthed and set a flame with purpose. I am worthy. I am fierce. I am resilient compassion. I walk as the flame of the God and Goddess. I am my fire, balanced.

These affirmations are what this candle is about. This energy is strong, and powerful yet calm and centered. Our fire of passion can sometimes turn into fire of anger. Especially those who are fiery spirits in and of themselves. This fire as we are being born anew like the Phoenix can leave us beaten, angry, and tumbling back down the path of our darkness. This candle guides you through every process of transformation as you are Phoenix rising from the ashes. Sometimes we get stuck as ashes, or never even take flight, allow this candle to help you break through these obstacles.

Break through your own barriers, the powerful force of this candle will move you through darkness, and allow your very inner being to ignite in flames as it destroys all that is not you, and your soul purpose. Destroying all ideas of lack, unworthiness, resentment, impatience, and anger. Breaking through these limitations and emerging fully into your potential. You are no longer the fire uncontrolled, you are no longer the fire controlled. You are the fire of love. You are the fire of pure divine light. You are everything. Walking in your flame with certainty and confidence. A ruler and creator of your reality.

You rise, and take flight.

Fire is found in all things, and all parts of our lives. Our desires, our lust, our passion, our love, our light, our darkness, in destruction and rebirth, in happiness, in manifestation, in anger, rage, and also sensuality and sensitivity, compassion, patience. This candle will assist you in aligning every aspect of your fire in perfect alignment with purpose and the divine. Use this candle to meditate, or relax, allowing your spirit to absorb the light, and energy, while your body inhales the aroma of the fire of love. Remembering that which you are and that which is to be.

Use this candle for times of rebirthing, banishing, protection, purification, renewal, manifesting, love, passion, career, finances, and any area where speed and fire in any form is needed.

Each ingredient in this candle, along with the candle itself, came to me through meditation and has been blended together through an alchemical process of grounding the divine energy of the stated intentions into the physical. Each ingredient is used to assist in deep realization of purpose, and companionship with your fire element. Dragons blood for fire and thorough protection. Lotus for spiritual rebirth, spiritual potential and purpose. Frankincense for the golden light that radiates from the divine. Patchouli for the heart and love. Cinnamon for the strong fire aspect. Sweet orange for the soft fire aspect. Ylang ylang for balance and ease in expression of fire.

You have everything you need, now rise.

This listing is for one 4OZ glass jar of Phoenix Candle.

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