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Silky smooth, super lightweight, deeply moisturizing and nutrient rich Petal Face and Hand Butter has ingredients including flower petals themselves that leave your skin feeling exactly like a soft, luscious flower petal.

This formula is rich and light, absorbs quickly and provides and locks in moisture thanks to high quality plant oils and fats. This butter is perfect for irritated and dry skin that also has a tendency to break out or be excessively oily. Petal Butter was crafted so that anyone with any skin type can use it - especially with maskne (mask acne) and dried up hands happening to us workers. 

What keeps the petals on a flower soft, protected and moisturized is what is extracted and generously given by the flowers and added to this butter. Whether you want to use this balm to feel and be a sensually soft flower petal or quench your thirsty skin and provide it food aka nutrients, this butter is amazing for it. 

Petal Butter is packed with nutrients that the skin thrives off of and are especially needed when the skin is under constant stress from the environment, our work lives, chemicals and pollutants etc. What makes petal butter great is like all of The Inner Essence products it is purely plant based. There are no additives, or harmful ingredients. The plants know how to truly take care of us the way we need and they come together in this formula to do just that. 



To Use: Take a pea size amount and rub on face and hands or anywhere that is dry and irritated. You can also use daily. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, kokum butter, sunflower oil, olive oil, hemp oil, candelilla wax, tamanu oil, chamomile flowers (matricaria recutita), lavender flowers (lavendula agustifolia), calendula flowers (calendula officinalis), tea tree eo, peppermint eo, rose eo, lavender eo, white thyme eo. 

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