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Peace Balm is a body balm that is a deeply sacred tool and anchor for infinite peace. Channeled through meditation, this balm serves to help you carry and maintain peace within your inner world. Using this balm is a daily meditation in itself. You are at one with  the alchemist within in the present as you use this balm on your physical vessel. This balm serves the highest good of all, is vegan, toxinfree, cruelty free, gluten free, organic, natural, and no b.s.

This balm came to me during my daily peace meditation, the label, the ingredients, the container, the mantra, everything. This balm is directly from the divine, channeled through my hands and sent home to you. This balm consists of light oils and butters that absorb quickly and easily into the skin leaving it soothed, soft, hydrated and at ease. The scent is truly tranquil with an earthy and musky scent with a soft floral hint. 

This balm works to heal the skin and especially heal the mind and spirit. This balm will serve to be your reminder that you are peace, and will be your companion in times where peace is needed. The energy that comes from this balm is pure and authentic. Simply carrying this balm with you, you can feel the peace and love radiating from the tin. 

The mantra on the tin is to be said with every application, causing the use of all senses and abilities, peace is achieved. This balm will help to dissolve all impurities into peace, and transform your aura into pure light. 

The best use for this balm is when it can be applied all over the body, covering all areas and aspects of your being starting from the foundation, the physical. This allows your entire being to absorb the clear, clean and positive energy, bringing it inward and radiating it outward. Allow this balm to be with you in rituals, after baths, during meetings, and whenever you need the reminder of the infinite peace you are. 

During busy times, simply use the balm and rub into the hands, inhale the scent from the hands, and enjoy the therapeutic and energetic benefits. All without chemicals, and toxins. 

This balm has blue topaz and rose quartz crystals pressed into the balm for emotional healing, strength and inner peace. This balm is an anchor of many realities into this one. An important tool for anyone seeking shifts and transformation in their reality. It also works to be a daily meditative manifesting practice. Allowing your ability to manifest, among all other abilities, to grow stronger each day. 

Soothe, hydrate and heal your skin. Uplift, harmonize, and transform your spirit. Shift, create, and fill your reality with Peace Balm. 

This listing is for one 2oz tin container of Peace Balm. 

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