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A massage oil created for those who suffer from chronic pain, and those who tend to have stress manifest in their physical bodies. This massage oil was carefully crafted to support us in the times where nuturing is most needed. To use when massaging aching or sore muscles. Providing relief, as the oils and plant medicine gets deeply absorbed into the skin and body. A lightweight massage oil that is purely plant based free of any toxins, and harmful ingredients in other products. This oil is both warming and cooling to the body allowing it to adjust to what the energetics of what the body needs for relief. This oil will relax the muscles, and even act as a relaxer of the mind through aromatherapy. It has oils and plants that work to relieve tension, soreness and reduce inflammation in the body. Massaging with this oil with help remove blockages from the body, physical and energetic stagnation, and stimulate blood flow and circulation. If you experience pain, aches, stiffness, and soreness often, then this oil will help bring relief. This oil will also work to heal bruising, sprains and strains. After infusing over a period of several months, this oil is now ours for the using and here to bring us relief at last. 

To use: Pour a small amount of oil onto the palm, rub in hands to warm up, rub gently on painful area of the body for 5-20 minutes. Store bottle in a cool, dark place away from sunlight to keep fresh and allow the benefits of the oil to be preserved. For sensitive skin, dilute with other natural and organic carrier oil, lotion or cream. 

Ingredient: Grapeseed oil, olive oil, rose flowers, lavender flowers, arnica Montana, kava kava, ginger EO, clove EO, eucalyptus EO, wintergreen EO, pennyroyal EO, spearmint EO, lavender EO, camphor EO, arnica Montana oil. *organic *vegan *toxin free *no b.s. 

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