PSYCHIC READING: Guidance, Past Loved Ones, Relationships, Awakening Etc.

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This reading is offered to guide you on your path, bring clarity to past, present and future, provide direction and help you to make the right choices for your highest good. 

This listing is also for Psychic Readings involving past loved ones, spiritual guidance for your purpose here, and clarity and guidance on karmic/trauma cycles. 

Readings are offered via email, Facebook messaging, phone call or video chat! 

After you purchase a reading I will reach out and contact you via email for scheduling. Here you can then tell me what your intention is for this reading or you may place your questions and intentions in the comment section during checkout. 

I provide these readings as spiritual guidance. Every choice is yours. If you purchase a reading from a psychic it is wise to follow the advice of the psychic. If you do not, the repercussions are your own. You come to the psychic seeking divine guidance and it is up to you to follow that divine guidance. You must walk through the door, I can only lead you to it. 

Questions that will NOT answered: 

When will I (or someone else) die?

Am I pregnant? (or Any other pregnancy question)

Any question in regards to doing harm to anyone or anything.

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