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This package contains the Past Life Healing, and Reiki healing together at a discounted price.

With past life healing the release of any trauma that comes from past lives can be overwhelming, with a reiki session two days after the past life healing, this will help to remove any excess energy, or energy that wants to remain or starts to become a problem and create blockages.

This will help the release of any overwhelming emotions and energies be easier, and the transition into a new paradigm more successful.

This package is good for those who have many fears, a lot of traums in this life or others, or if you just want to take caution as to what will come up for you and needing extra healing dedicated to your specific need.

These healings are personal and any resistance to them will make it difficult for the pure loving healing energy to flow freely.

The Past Life Healings are about 45 minutes long and the Reiki is about 35-45 minutes long. They will be scheduled separately so as time is given for lasting effects of both healings.

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