Money Annointing Aroma Oil

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You are everything, and so, you are money. 

You want to be happy, money wants you to be happy. 

You love money and money loves you. 

Every coin and dollar is valuable and precious, and money flows in and out as its meant to. 

Money wants to make love to your life. To shower you, be with you, be shared, received and given. Money is energy and it loves us and is truly sacred. 

Money wants us to be happy because we are money and we want to be happy. 

Money is sacred exchange of energy. The physical manifestation we created to symbolize our energy. 

You are fucking rich, wealthy, and abundant. 

Money doesn't need you and you don't need money, the relationship is free and fun between you and money. 

You create your own cash flow, and money flows in and out of your life, you are never without. 

All your needs are met. 

In a relaxed state money flows easily to you, as in a relaxed state you are in a receptive state. You must be open to receive for money to be received. 

Money loves when you're passionate about what you do for work, the more fun you have the more money you make. 

Money comes to you easily and frequently. You're rich. 

Money comes to you now,  now, now. 

Gratitude brings large sums of money into your life. 

Any amount of money you ask for, you receive. 

Money is you, you are money, and you are never separate from you. 

All of these intentions and more are magically infused into this money oil. Using carefully selected ingredients, every one of them work with you and the all energy to enhance cash flow and abundance of it into your life. Each step and process using the energy and frequency and imprint of money. This oil is powerful and potent. You are so fucking deserving. 

Use this oil on your body, in a bath or in spellwork and manifestation work/meditations to compliment your abundant, full and money manifesting energy. A few drops to compliment the dripping abundance you are is all that's needed. 


*1 OZ glass dropper* 


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