Magician Aromatherapy Oil

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Magician Oil

This oil is truly something special. It is blended with sacred numerological numbers, and an alchemical process that can be felt all around where this oil dwells.

Every part of the Magician Oil is carefully and consciously created to that of what embodies a true magician. The magician in Tarot is a master of all elements. This Tarot card was the inspiration of this oil. This blend includes ten different oils and absolutes that represent the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. Everything in this oil is precise and pulls together the magic the universe holds for us. Even the amount of drops of oil and ingredients is of the perfect number amount to magnify the effects of the magic within this bottle.

The magician is more than what anyone ever knows, and what anyone ever thinks. The magician knows more than what they choose to speak of. The magician has a greater and deeper true understanding of the world and universe around them. Working in perfect harmony, to transform, transmute and create the magicians desires. The understanding the magician has of the universe is what creates pure magic and awe in those around him. The magician is an alchemist, a witch, an energy worker and is all labels that consist of understanding and manifesting our reality as a divine creator god/goddess.

The magicians best friend is the elements. With the understanding and companionship of the elements life and death and everything in between is both created and destroyed. Everything and nothing can be accessed through this. Moving through realms and dimensions, receiving knowings and visions, and working in harmony will all realms are avaliable when we embody the magician. The magician is a master manifestor of his reality, and others too. Tap into your greatest inner magician with this oil.

This oil will be your best friend in all work you do. Especially that which involves manifesting. The magician knows truth, knows energy, and knows the all, the source. The knowing and understanding the magician has runs through his veins, and remains with him lifetime after lifetime. This oil blend helps to remove any blocks, as well as bring in what you desire. This blend is everything and it is nothing. Just like the magician.

This oil has a quartz chip included to amplify the power and energy that has been created through alchemy, and magic within the bottle. This oil is an energy and essence of its own. It will guide you, open you, expand you, and awaken you ever further and further into the knowing and understanding of all that is.

You have all the tools you need, it is up to you to use them.

Before being sent to you, the oil will be charged and consecrated with a ritual involving cedar, a witches stone, quartz, and the magician card. So that you get all you can out of this blend.

Use this oil to anoint candles, before meditation, your body, or anywhere where the power of the elements and the is needed.



This listing is for one 10no roll on bottle of Magician Oil. This product is for external use only, and is completely organic, vegan, natural and chemical free.

Ingredients: Cedarwood essential oil, mugwort essential oil, spearmint essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and other pure essential oils. Organic 100% carrier oil coconut. 100% pure grain alcohol.

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