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She who, without proof, was deemed sinful, just as all powerful feminine mysteries have. She who anointed Yeshu as Christ. She who is the portal of possibility. Who awakens the creatrix, the Magdala (meaning elevated, source of life, primordial goddess, portal to the Great Mother) within us. She who activates the Christ within all.

Mary Magdalene, a name shunned and misunderstood entirely. Yeshu's beloved, apostle of apostles and equal. The mage of her time, the anointed and anointer, the priestess. The Feminine Christ. Who is deeply awakening within us all now as we move into this time of ascension, the Golden Age awakening, the prophesied Christ return.

Can you feel her? She is within you. The red thread and blood connects us all to her. See her not as an image or idea, but an essence. She as a direct portal. Her essence connects us to the part of ourselves that is fully human and fully divine.

Mary Magdalene was a womb priestess. She anointed Jesus with a perfume that was passed down to her in the alabaster jar from the Inanna and Isis goddess lineage - the shamankas lineage.

Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus with this perfume, which is also called a Chrism. In the Gospel of Phillip (74:12 - 20) is an excerpt: "The chrism is superior to baptism. . . .He who has been anointed possesses everything." Mary Magdalene is the anointer that made Jesus the Christ. Magdalene means the initiator and Christ means the Anointed One. With her sacred elixir, that which is dormant within us is then illuminated and we are awakened.

This elixir is within us and can be created from us. Like all alchemy, and with the Magdalene alabaster jar, can be held in physical form and otherwise. This elixir is the gateway that brings us to our innate wholeness. To activate us to be our own Magdalene and Christ. The divine masculine and feminine energy in unity - allowing us to walk the path of the fully embodied and divine human.

Through communion and vision with Magdalena - as well as much research - I've concocted the combination of oils and resins that was used by Magdalene and the Priestess lineage that came before her that was used to anoint the Christ, the beloved dead, Pharaohs, and the initiated.

Within this bottle is sacred Rose Codes to activate your being in a deeply sacred and powerful way. To initiate your Christ self - your embodied divinity - your sacred holy humanity. To awaken within your being that which has always been you, that which runs through your veins, the wisdom of our common primordial ancestors that guides us all onto the path of integrated self.

May this oil bless you, bless your ceremony, bless your beloveds, and awaken, activate and initiate your own Magdala Christ essence. May this oil help you remember you are part of this lineage, the red thread, and your embodied presence is needed now. May this oil unlock the mystical doorway within you.


*10 ML Glass Roll On Bottle*

🔻To use:

Gather ceremonial tools you are guided to use for each use - allow it to change with each use- (self, another, robes/dresses, crystals, incense, herbs, sacred space, etc)

Clear the mind, create stillness and silence that allows the divine to settle and be unobstructed.

Speak a prayer from the heart of your intention - with authority and conviction from your integrated heart self and higher mind.

Lovingly anoint the feet, the heart, the sacrum, and then the third eye. Breathe in the activating aroma and absorb the rose codes.

Give thanks to the God Goddess energy, all source of creation and those present with you now. Hold the intention to accept what is coming to you now through the portal and anchor that is you.

Breathe and close the sacred space or continue with ceremony/ritual.

Release and integrate as needed through art, dance, prayer, cries, or whichever way you feel you need. Allow the integration to take place and the activation to flow.

🔻🔻🔻Do this ritual for three days upon first using this oil. Then use oil as you feel called to.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Myrrh Resin, Myrrh Oil, Lavendula, Rosemary Officinalis, Spikenard,  Rosemary Volatile Oil, Rose Absolute.

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