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Oo la la Love Potion sweeps you off your feet into a sweet floral bouquet and rosy love. Bringing a sparkle of love and positivity in an aroma. Love Potion is a multipurpose spray (also available in oil form) that brings in sweet comforting love. The type of love that exists always, everywhere, at all times that we can feel when the sun is warm on our skin and all is well in the world. The love that is felt on a Victorian rooftop in Paris. The love that comes from deep everlasting and eternal self produced bliss through self love. 

Offered in both mist and oil forms for individual preference. Love Potion Mist is created with rose and hibiscus water, topped with the love potion mix of magnolia, rose, sandalwood and black pepper. Creating a perfect aroma of love and flowers. Topped with a shimmer of white to create a dazzling look to skin, hair, or clothes. The mist is completely skin safe and shimmer easily washes off skin and clothing. It can be used to set the mood by spraying bedspreads. It can be used to bring love into a space by spraying in the air. The Love Potion mist can also be sprayed on the body for a delightful shimmer and heavenly scent. The mist provides deep hydration for the skin and hair along with decreasing inflammation and bringing out your natural glow. 

Love Potion Oil is crafted with highly beneficial skin loving avocado oil, with extra shimmer for those who wish to use it as a highlighter and skin moisturizer. Rubbing the oil on your body will not only give your skin some amazing TLC through numerous nutrients but it will also add a sensual burgundy rose shimmer to your skin. Under moonlight you’ll carry an aura and glow of Venus herself. 

Feel sexy, sweet, and otherworldly without toxins, and chemicals. While receiving amazing plant medicine from each form of Love Potion. This Love Potion will call in love from all areas of your life, and bring in the sweet rosy feel goods.

Ingredients: Love Potion mist. Hibiscus flower, rose flower, essential oils, distilled water, mica, less than 2% of 100% pure cane alcohol (to preserve freshness) *organic. Love Potion Oil. Organic avocado oil, mica, essential oils.*organic. 

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