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This product is completely organic, vegan, and chemical free. 

Love is all things, and we all deserve to feel and experience unconditional love. With this being said. This bath bomb is infused with the highest form of energy there is, unconditional love!

The love bombs smell of lavender and rose and the scent is absolutely captivating, it has  herbs of organic jasmine and roses with a nice pink color with skin safe shimmering crystal powder  in the bath tub so you may be completely consumed and surrounded both physically and etherically in pure unconditional love! These bath bombs are completely vegan and organic, to be sure you give love to all parts of your being! The love bombs have a tumbled rose quartz placed inside so you may truly connect on all levels, the comfort, and wholeness of love that you innately are.

The love bombs are excellent for couples and singles! If you are a couple, you can soak together and be surrounded in the smells and feelings of sacred union through pure love. If you are single, you can soak with the most sacred union of all, the union of body and spirit, allowing yourself to feel deep and intense feelings of self love, and love from the universe. Whatever you may be, the love bombs will infuse you and your life with true love as they are infused with unconditional love from the divine!

Though these may seem wonderful for valentines day, they are also amazing any time of the year! Love knows no bounds, no limits! These love bombs are truly the essence of love, and everyone is certainly deserving of that.

Each love bomb will come with a note inside made by the owner of The Inner Essence to help you connect even further to the unconditional love the universe has to offer you! Mixing the elements of water which is of emotions, and earth which is nurturing and life and love giving, as well as being infused with channeled divine love energy, you are guaranteed to feel the love.


~If you purchase this item and you are a couple, you will receive two rose quartz so you may both hold each one, connecting your heart centers in a way that is in alignment with your highest forms of being.

~If you are a single but want to have an extra bit of self love (there is nothing wrong with that!) just say so upon purchasing in the comment section and you can depend on The Inner Essence to send something special your way! 

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