Litha Aromatherapy Oil

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Vegan, natural, organic, nut and gluten free, handmade and crafted on the day of the Suns peek power, this oil is brought to you to harness this intense and beautiful magnificence.

 This oil is crafted on Litha, also known as midsummer and the summer solstice. It is the longest day of the year and the Sun radiates its full glory! This oil is infused with this power. It holds the greatness of Litha, the pagan holiday for this solstice. The oil named itself and the sun in summer channeled itself into this blend. The mix of herbs and flowers allows the true scent of summer to create a space of  healing, purification, cleansing, fire, protection, rebirth, and power. 

This oil is crafted to bring in these attributes as well as bring in a sense of joy, energy, and ease. Blended with neroli, citronella, chamomile and sweet orange, it is a scent that truly holds what Summer is. Along with wormwood, grapefruit bits, and sage, you will be able to harness the yang energy and use it in your own workings, meditations and craft.

 This blend is deeply protecting, and reminds us of the beauty, life and abundance the earth holds. This blend can be used in the coming days of winter as a reminder of the abundance and joy that is ever present, in the time of rest and darkness. This oil will act like a candle to light the way in this darkness. It can be used during meditations and workings with the sun, solar logos, Gaia, Apollo, Ra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, manifesting, balance, joy, acceptance, and during times where health, vitality and radiance is needed. 

There is so much magic at its full peeked power during this time and this oil will help you to uncover it all, including your own. 

Each label is hand painted with love and intention by me. This listing is for one 10ML roll on bottle of Litha Oil.

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