Lavender & Lemon Balm Face Wash

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Lavender & Lemon Balm Face Wash is a soothing, natural, vegan, no B.S. alternative to harsh soaps and toxic washes. It is completely free of parabens, sulfates, fillers, additives and what’s on the label, is the only ingredients in it, no B.S. guaranteed. 

This face wash is gentle for sensitive skin and great for all skin types. It’s soothing, calming, healing and rejuvenating. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. It stimulates circulation, fights free radicals, cleanses pores, reduces blackheads, reduces breakouts of cold sores, heals redness and irritated skin  and has antioxidant properties. This face wash is both deeply soothing and relaxing as well as gently uplifting. 

This face wash is safe for children and can be used as a body wash or shampoo. Created from ingredients of Mother Nature this face wash is the perfect no b.s. switch. Zero waste, natural, vegan, cruelty free, non toxic and pure plant spirit medicine for everyone. 

Use twice a day. On wet face, rub soap in circular motions, rinse, and follow with exfoliation with one of The Inner Essence scrubs and/or serums/moisturizers. 

This face wash is suitable for sensitive skin. Its non-comodegenic and will not clog pores. Can be used for children. Do a patch test first for allergies. This wash contains no parabens, sulfates, additives, fillers, gmos, or any unnatural ingredients, no B.S. guaranteed

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe Vera juice, kirks aloe Castile soap, lavender flowers, lemon balm leaf, vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar, guar gum, fluorite and amythest infusion. Organic vegan gluten free nut free soy free non toxic cruelty free natural no bs 

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