Lavender & Calendula Multi Purpose Salve

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Lavender and Calendula Balm multi-purpose balm that is balancing, calming and bringing harmony to any skin type as well as being safe and effective for babies and children, as well as our furbabies! This balm is essential oil free and has an amazing smell from the natural plant allies that come together to create this balm. 

This balm can be used to heal rashes and dry skin on all skin types, kids and our cats and dogs. It can be a gentle, clean, natural non toxic method to healing and soothing wounds and sunburn as well as reducing acne, relieving eczema and helping to relieve itching. Can be used as a diaper butter, and soothing bedtime balm. Used for animals raw paws for miniaturization or to help relieve allergies manifesting in itches on the body. 

This balm can also be used as a makeup primer for The Inner Essence plant bases makeup giving longer lasting, deeper makeup looks helping the makeup to not slip off. This balm is perfect for dry and cracked hands and feet and will bring relief. Soothing and deeply healing this balm will bring calm and soothed skin.

 Perfect for traveling and fits in bags, and purses. Reusable tin. Organic, natural, nontoxic,  vegan, eco friendly, no B.S. ingredients. May melt in hot climates, but will harden in colder areas. Please store away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. Safe for baby’s and children. Safe for mammals. 

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Ingredients: Kokum butter, candeillila wax, sunflower & olive oil lavender & calendula.  *organic *nontoxic *vegan *eco friendly *plant based *essential oil free *natural *no B.S. 

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