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The warm and euphoric feeling of laughter, the tingling full heart, the energized inner light radiating from within our content bellies to greet the world with a smile -- joy. In Joy all things flow with ease. In joy everything is a little brighter, a little crisper, and just a little more sensational. 

What brings you joy? This aromatherapy blend urges us to ask ourselves this, and to embody this joy. We know the answer. Our joy comes from within. This aromatic tool works to ignite the fire in our bellies that contains this joy. The joy that permeates our being from within is untouchable, and yet touches everything. We can surrender to the joy that we are and from here all things can flow within and around us with more clarity, ease and brightness. 

From joy our senses are heightened, gloomy days are welcomed and our inner lined is honed inward, and we have faith the light will come again and bask in the rich wisdom each moment the darkness brings. From joy struggles are opportunities. From joy obstacles are what strengthen us. From joy we surrender and trust. From joy we laugh and flow with the dance that life is rather than against it. The beauty of existence is enhanced and we are connected in oneness. 

With Joy Aromatherapy Oil my hope is that it does for you what it has for me and helps you to know where your joy is, to help give you strength and love to remove and release all that is not your joy from your being and life, to feel where your joy sits within you and allow yourself to surrender into it and be encompassed by it.

Joy is created with inviting, warming, uplifting and sweet oils that trigger happy feelings starting from the workings of the brain and extending outward into your being.

This oil is a wonderful reminder throughout any day and given moment to to find your joy, to know your joy and to operate from this energy. Inviting all that adds to your joy into your life and letting all that is not fall away effortlessly. The joyful aroma turns your own body into a sacred space for this. With the crystal essences, plant medicines and aromatic magic, you are welcomed into a space where your joy is the forefront in all your being. 

*10 ML Roll On Bottle 

*Organic, natural, vegan, nontoxic, cruelty free, handmade, no b.s.! 

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, organic apricot oil, organic orange eo, organic ylang ylang eo, organic helichrysm eo, organic ginger eo, chamomile eo, lemongrass eo, juniper berries, grapefruit bits, lemon balm leaf, aventurine crystals, quartz crystals, peridot crystal. 

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