Hormone Balance Aromatherapy Oil

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If you experience hormonal headaches, fatigue, mood swings, foggy brain, or other sysmptoms of hormonal Imbalance then this oil was created for you. This Aromatherapy oil provides incredible relief and can even be used as a perfume. 

When rubbing this oil on your pulse points, and breathing the aroma in, within minutes you can feel clarity and balance taking over. Uplifting the mood and reducing the intense affect of hormonal headaches and fatigue. 

We all experience hormonal Imbalance at some point in our lives, due to the lack of nutrition, excessive work and stress, and other factors. It can be difficult to complete tasks let alone do what we need to care for ourselves for long term hormonal balance. For helping to ease the symptoms of hormonal imbalance to give us time to nurture ourselves, this oil helps us with what is needed. 

This oil can provide relief from stress, anxiety, hormonal headaches, fatigue, fog, reduce hot flashes, hormonal insomnia, and can be rubbed on spots of hormonal acne as a spot treatment. 

By placing the aromatherapy oil on the pulse points, the plant medicine is absorbed safely into the bloodstream. With natural, organic, pure, vegan, no B.S. ingredients, the outcome is pure well being, and a you that is more clear and at ease. 

*Each oil comes in a 10ml roll on bottle. 

To use: Rub a small amount on wrist, inner elbow, behind the ears, temples, and on chest. Otherwise, rub on pulse points for relief. Small amount can be rubbed on nose and places of hormonal acne for aromatherapy benefits and spot treatment. 

Ingredients: organic cold pressed apricot oil, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, clary sage EO, lavender EO, orange eo,frankincense  EO, Jasmine EO, geranium EO, chaste berries, red clover flower. All ingredients are organic, natural, vegan, non toxic, cruelty free, and no B.S. guaranteed.  

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