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Healing Light candle is one that was made with the intention to bring healing, ease, gentle upliftment, and a reminder of the natural joyful state that we are. This candle is handmade, hand-poured and made of pure organic soy wax and organic, chemical free ingredients. All vegan, and cruelty free.

Letting there be total and true ease and healing where this candle is lit. Using this candle during rituals, studies, relaxing, during times of anxiety and stress, or any other time or area you feel the high vibrational healing light energy of this candle can be used. This candle will radiate not just light, but healing light.

The essence healing itself, so this candle can really be used for anything, and any situation. Whether you're taking a bath, relaxing while reading your favorite book, during rituals where abundance and healing are needed, or just trying to calm chaotic energy, this candle is your best friend.

Created with lavender, cedarwood, calendula, lemongrass, ylang ylang scents, Healing Light candle is designed to ground, relax, uplift, protect and bring bliss. Topped with calendula for extra healing and grounding. Along with lavender and rose quartz for ease, bliss and love.

As everything is organic and chemical free, you can breathe in the therapeutic benefits of this candle free of worry and harm to your physical being, allowing your mind, body and spirit to relax into your natural state of being.

This candle also helps you to deeply connect with the pure state of your heart and intuition. Merging the two in union and harmony together to work to manifest your dreams, visions, and connect with your clarity and compassion. This candle is truly a special one and can be used especially during times of anxiety and depression to assist in calming the chaos, illuminating the darkness, and bringing ease, clarity and remembrance of the wholeness we are.

This was a candle originally created for myself during times where I lose my way, or when the energy becomes overwhelming for me. I decided that all deserves the incredible magick of this candle. Perfect for empaths and sensitive souls, as well as all individuals alike. Healing for all beings abound with this candle around.

With all my love, from my heart center to yours.

This listing is for one 8oz glass jar of Healing Light Candle.

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