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The gut is the core of our physical being, it is our energy center - where what we consume gets broken down to turn into energy. Energy that sustains our existence. When our gut health is off or imbalanced, it creates a ripple affect throughout all systems in the body which results in various imbalances and issues. Digestive health is key for overall health and vitality.

Bitter is a flavor that tends to be avoided, however it is one of the most vital flavors to keep a healthy digestive system. Reaching for over the counter medicine tends to be our first reaction when we experience digestive problems. Bitters have been used to get to the root of digestive issues and have been used as well to work preventatively. If we aren't healthy in our core, then when the seasons change and weather shifts, we feel the affect of it in our body - which makes us vulnerable to illness.

Bitters help us stay on top of the game when shifts happen, helping to nourish our center. They stimulate the digestive system via the tongue and they have been used by herbalists for digestion support, relieve gas and bloating, absorption support of vitamin and minerals (lack of this has been shown in studies to result in sugar cravings, fatigue, disease etc.), healthy skin support through supporting the liver and kidneys and fluid flow, take pressure off the digestive system from chronic stress, and to help support the natural detoxification process of the body.

This Happy Spirits Bitters is a tincture created lovingly with uplifting plant allies that have been used for their bitter and uplifting properties. This tincture may help you with the digestion of your meals, balance internal heat, promote and support healthy gut, and enliven your spirit. Using this tincture will help tell your digestive system it is time to digest - helping to wake up the bodily organs required for this and supporting optimal digestion. If you want to absorb food/other herbal blends/etc better, bitters are a good tool to help with this. Potent plants come together in this blend to support your overall well being starting at the core and working outward.

Happy Spirit Bitters is a delicious blend of distilled spirits, plant ally components, and maple syrup. Making it not only healthy and powerful, but also delicious and easy to take a couple dropper-full before or after meals - or in times of digestive disrupt. Happy Spirits Bitters is a blend made with so much love and intention that you will be healthy for days to come. With your core and spirit nourished, uplifted, and balanced.


1 OZ Dropper Bottle

To use: Happy Spirit Bitters is best taken daily. Take 1 dropper-full before and/or after every meal or once in the morning and once at night. Take under the tongue or in a glass of water.

Ingredients: Distilled Spirits, Maple Syrup, Orange peel (Citrus × sinensis), Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare), Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Burdock Root (Arctium), Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), Passionflower (Passiflora), Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) Resin.

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