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This hair and scalp duo is packed with vitamins and minerals and necessary nutrients for stimulating hair growth, strengthening the hair, softening it, cleansing buildup and giving our hair and scalp the loving care it craves for luxurious locks and a healthy scalp. All created with pure and organic plant medicine. Nourish your entire headspace and nervous system with this duo. 

The Hair Growth oil can be used as a hair serum or as my favorite, a hair mask! This oil is created with highly potent and medicinal therapeutic infused herbal vegetable oils. This bottle lasts a long time and when used weekly or monthly (depending on how much you love it and what you have time for --although weekly is best!) your hair will begin to grow stronger and healthier and your scalp will be cleansed of build up and debris and your scalp and hair will be restored to vibrant health. Our scalp absorbs the oil and deeply nourishes the mind. Calms the nervous system and restores us back to homeostasis through deep healing. Hair oiling is deep medicine and therapy and all people can greatly benefit from hair and scalp oiling. 

Hair Growth Mist is to be used after the Hair Growth Oil and all over the hair, paying attention to where the hair meets the scalp. This will add shine and protection throughout the day to your hair and help reduce tangling. It will help to control frizz and stimulate hair growth as well from within the scalp. This mist will strengthen and revitalize your hair as well as leave it smelling great! This hair growth mist is created with plants that give a boost of minerals and vitamins directly to the hair and scalp allowing your mane to be given the love it needs. 

Benefits of Hair Growth Oil: 

·Mineral Boost & Remineralizing 

·Stimulates Hair Growth 

·Cleanses and Balances 

·Provides essential nutrients 

·Hair & Scalp oiling is deeply soothing, and healing to the nervous system. 

·Softer, stronger, shinier hair 

·Lengthens time between washes when used as a mask. 

·Reduces split ends 

·Reduces dandruff and balances the health of the scalp 

·Brings out natural glow and shine and vitality in hair. 

·Gives our scalps a break from working so hard from all the chemicals we have put in it for so long, thus restoring health. 

·Protects from heat and environmental damage 

·Stress relieving and deeply healing on an energetic level 

·When used as a mask, strengthens our relationship and awareness of the body. 

·Promotes grounding and relaxation. 

·Soothes itchy, flaky, dry scalp. 

·Reduces brain fog and burnt out in the mind by soothing and calming the mind. 

·Deeply conditions hair. 

·Ayurvedic practitioners scalp oil for nervousness, anxiety, stress, trauma and insomnia. 

·Heightens sensitivity and senses, creates a deep healing space for the body to restore. 

Benefits of the Hair Growth Mist: 

·Brings out the natural shine of hair.

·Reduces tangling 

·Balances hair pH and oil production. 

·Protects from environmental and sun damage. 

·Leaves a pleasant scent to hair. 

·Stimulates hair growth. 

·Provides vitamins and minerals for strong and healthy hair. 

·Brings out natural volume, bounce and curls. 

·Enlivens full, fine hair. 

This duo is one that not only is totally needed for our hair and scalp for vitality, and god or goddess hair but it is so needed in our daily lives and as a sacred self care practice! This self care practice heals us to our core. It is so soothing for the body and purifying to the soul. Like body oiling, it helps us create a deeper relationship with our bodies.

Nourishing our hair with plant fats and medicine allows our senses and abilities to be heightened. Promoting a sense of calm and protection in which we operate from to receive wisdom, awakenings and rejuvenation. 

This practice can be used weekly or monthly for restoration, revitalization, growth, strength, and glow  of the mind, spirit and body.  

*To use: Squeeze from the dropper the oil directly onto scalp and massage in. Then squeeze more as needed to work through ends of hair. From here you can leave on for 3-10 minutes and wash out. You can leave it on as long as you wish, the longer the better. Overnight hair & scalp oiling can promote deep sleep, lucid dreaming, and reduce the effect of insomnia. 

Once hair is washed,  spray mist to seal in the benefits. 

>For optimal hair care, and to promote greater hair growth and health check out Crown Rinse in the shop! This is an herbal hair rinse I and many clients have replaced our conditioner with that has given us incredible results. 

**This set comes in large 4OZ glass dropper bottle and atomizer bottle, or in 2OZ small glass dropper and atomizer bottles. 

Hair growth oil ingredients: organic ginger infused cold pressed olive oil, organic rosemary infused cold pressed olive oil, organic calendula infused cold pressed olive oil, organic sage infused cold pressed olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic castor oil, The Inner Essence organic plant mineral oil. 

Hair growth mist ingredients: distilled water, organic unrefined apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, organic fenugreek seed, organic peppermint, organic parsley, organic lavender flowers, organic alfalfa leaf, 100% pure cane spirits, organic cedarwood eo, organic rosemary eo, organic clary sage eo. 

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