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Gratitude Soy Candle is a handmade candle created through alchemy and love. It is free from all the toxic ingredients in store bought candles and leaves us with a sense of health and well being. This candle allows us a moment each day to focus on gratitude, invoking a sense of deep heartfelt thanks for each day. 

Gratitude Soy Candle was created from my heart to bring with me on my travels to be sure I take a moment each day to make it sacred, to remember my truth, and stay aligned in the consciousness of abundance and happiness. I created it also to be used as an addition to any altar to give thanks and even prayer in our daily rituals.

Filling the space with uplifting, positive and loving energy while we work with intention to create our realities from what we love and are grateful for. The plant allies, resin ally and crystal allies help make this happen by amplifying the intention embedded in the candle, and adding a magic of their own. 

Swirling scent of frankincense, geranium and sandalwood, this scent is truly an incredible one. Quartz and citrine crystals cause high energy to allow your blessings to multiply as well as assist in uplifting the mood, and clearing away what isn't in alignment with what your heart loves. Aromatherapy from this candle gives the mind and body a message to relax and go inward, promoting the sense of love and wholeness within us. 

When adding this candle to your daily rituals intentions are empowered, each moment is all the more sacred, and we develop the habit that allows us to lead a life as the creator of our reality by concreting our desires by using the mental and the physical. This tool allows you to be the alchemist. 

It can also be used just to uplift the mood of the room, and give a good healing and healthy non toxic aroma. 

Remember your life is sacred, you are surrounded in gifts. 

This listing is for one 2 oz tin of Gratitude Soy Candle

Ingredients: organic soy wax, geranium eo, sandalwood eo, frankincense eo, frankincense resin, quartz crystal, citrine crystal, love. 

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