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Gold Heart of Isis Essence is crafted with to bring powerful expansion of heart, empowerment, embodiment, optimism, solace, joy, and optimism. This essence was guided by the hands of Goddess Isis through Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Energy and the Yellow Rose to anchor in golden light codes and powerful forces to bring alchemical transformation from the heart outward.

This essence called for me to make it, and only after it came into full manifestation did the purpose of it get revealed to me. Isis came to me in a similar way to when she did on my trip to Egypt during the attunements and healings of becoming an Ancient Egyptian Temple Healer. This essence is meant to powerfully open and expand your heart center - lighting the internal fire of strength and fierce love within your heart. To ignite your magic and divinity and help you step into your greatness in the way you are uniquely meant to. To be individual, authentic, and embodied in your beautiful power.

Isis is the Kemet goddess of love, healing and magic. She is the daughter of Sky and Earth, mother of Horus and wife of Osiris. She is the goddess of alchemy, resurrections, queen of magic arts. Her formulas destroy sufferings, her words animated the dead. Isis is the great enchantress, mother and lover. Her power is fierce and full, encompassing and a true force of nature. The effect Isis has on the heart and being is unlike any other - a force that can only be felt and experienced when we are read and cannot be compartmentalized by words. Isis is a powerful goddess that generously offers her love, strength, protection and wisdom through this essence.

Rose is the Queen of Flowers and she provides direct communication and opens the pathway to the heart. It brings softness and strength. Isis is apart of what is known as the Rose Lineage, of which all those since the beginning of time to now have spread the love, wisdom and teachings from heart center of all creation. Yellow Rose Essence brings light-heartedness, solace and calm. Comfort in times of distress, sorrow, and worry. Brings cheerfulness and optimism in times of confusion and uncertainty. Works on a subtle yet powerful level to remove judgement, bitterness and resentment. Promotes comfort and feelings of unity in times of isolation. Yellow Rose also helps those who work in unselfish service helping to remain compassionate, centered, and protected. The overall energy that Yellow Rose Flower Essence provides is lightness and optimism.

May this flower essence warm the cold crevasses untouched, nourish the forgotten parts, heal the unconscious, infuse your cells with golden light, and birth you into embodiment of your light, joyful, loving fierce heart strength and power. There is no force that exists more powerful than unhindered and untainted love.



TO USE: Close your eyes and breathe, speak or think your intention for the essence. Take 4 drops on tongue, skin or in bath 4x daily or when remembered. Sit with eyes closed for a few moments after taking the essence to feel the subtleties. Use until you feel you no longer need the essence.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Distilled Spirits, Yellow Rose Flower (Rosa Species)

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