Funastrum Flower Essence

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Winding loving intelligence, gentle powerful protective boundaries, guidance through the unknown, support in reaching further and deeper into ourselves, our life, our dreams, and the great mystery of the universe itself. 

Funastrum comes to us as an ally, a guide, and a guardian. Like an escort through a dark cave guiding you toward the light, warning against troublesome beings/energies, and guarding us wrapping us up with its twining tendrils. 

Funastrum understands the seen and hidden veils, the crevices of life that go untouched or unknown, the cosmic connection and the earth creation. It is graceful and resilient. It always knows the way. Its white starflowers reach toward the cosmos and it's tendrils blanket over earth and its tendrils twine into spaces, around everything, far and wide, up and down, in and out. 

A special essence indeed for much needed guidance out of darkness. To be blanketed in what we need. To learn to be graceful yet resilient. To know our boundaries and place them lovingly yet powerfully, unwavering from them. To learn to adapt and grow in deeper ways we did not know we needed to. To learn to gracefully flow in and out of realms. To be reborn and stretch further than before. To listen to our inner guidance and accept guidance into new spaces/mindsets/heights/consciousness. To raise our energetic frequency to adapt to the level of being we desire to be at. 

Funastrum knows the way. Take its outreaching hand and let it guide you, protect you, and teach you. 

Funastrum Flower Essence is the essence of the plant known as milkweed captured and made into a consumable potion. This ally showed up gracefully growing on my pomegranate tree and after many seasons and a couple of its growing seasons, it called to me to capture its consciousness and gifts so we make take them on for ourselves and understand ourselves and the world in a deeper way. 

This essence is good to use during New Moons to help with guidance, protection, release and the planting of seeds/intentions. It is an essence that also is used for Dark Nights of the Soul. As well as times of disconnection, hopelessness, fear, confusion, and stagnation. Take the essence and feel the energy, listen to what it has for you. 

Qualities of the essence:

~ Grace and resilience

~ Adaptability

~ Guidance on our journey / path - escort 

~Help us reach new heights

~Protection and barriers

~Reaching into places hidden untouched or unknown

~High vibrations of light soaking in direct desert sun

~Blanketing you in what you need

~beauty shade

~Liberation from bondage / freedom 

~Cosmic wisdom

~Poison as/for boundaries

~Gentle boundaries but powerful 

~Butterfly medicine guiding us through change monarch butterflies lay their eggs on only this plant

~Guide through the veils 


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To use: Take 4 drops 4 times a day until the essence has fulfilled its purpose. Then take when in need of the essence. Can be used on skin, in a bath, dropped directly on the tongue, in beverages, in food, in painting water, in mists. 

Ingredients: funastrum spp., reverse osmosis water, spirits, elderflower blackberry spirits.

Flower Essence.

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