Evil Eye Powder

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Evil Eye powder is a multi-purpose powder created with vegan, organic, toxin free and therapeutic grade ingredients. Handmade individually for each individual. This multi purpose powder can be used as a scrub, bath salts, ritual powder and more!  This powder is created to protect from the evil eye. That which is negative, harmful, mischievous, toxic and unpredictable. To protect from curses, jealousy, negative projections, energy vampires, negative spirits, negative energy from all realms, and that which we do not see that wishes us harm. It protects us from our own self-destructive energies, and toxic energies as well. It clears the area of excess negative and poisonous energy while restoring psychic awareness, and clairty. As well as restoring peace and healing on any area affected by the old harmful energy.  This powder is created with blue lotus flowers, a flower sacred to the ancient Egyptians and originating from the nile river. Used for traveling to other realms of consciousness ans dimensions to access hidden wisdom ans knowledge, and enlightenment. This flower acts as a gateway to every aspect, area and realm. Along with sage and sea salt powder protecting these areas, aspects and realms, as well as diminishing negative and stagnant energy, transmuting it into molecules of light. Repelling all other harmful and toxic energies.  The final ingredient is 100% pure organic Hemp Seed Oil. This acts as a powerful healer and cleanser. It gently wipes away foggy, dark energy, and replaces it with love, healing and light.  This powder can be sprinkled around the home for protection. It can be sprinkled on an altar for meditations, and multidimensional clarity, and interdimensional travel. It can be used as bath salts for psychic protection throughout your day, or astral travels at night. It can be used as a body scrub for removing psychic attacks, and negative thoughts and projections. The possibilities are endless!  May you be protected in the unknown.  This listing is for one 4OZ container of Evil Eye Powder. 
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