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Empaths are incredible souls, they have a wide open heart and deep well of emotions. Daily, empaths encounter the world in a way that most don't. Naturally they are in tune with every living thing, they are transmuters and filters for all the negavitity in the world. Working with their incredible sensitivity to continue to show love and compassion. 

However, without proper protection and mindfulness, it can take a turn for the worst. Empaths when unaware, will hold onto others negativity and emotions, claiming it as their own not knowing it is not theirs to hold onto, and so as empaths, we do what we can to figure out how to work through this emotion or we just add it to the pile that we keep locked away and avoid. Rather than letting ourselves be the transmuter of darkness into light and vise versa, we've bottled it all up. Which eventually takes a toll on our entire existence. We get sick, numb, emotionless, controlling, develop anxiety, depression, addiction, attachment and develop behaviors that push others away in any way possible, most of the time we aren't aware we are doing this. 

After doing this our entire lives, we begin to forget about the love, beauty, and compassion that comes from sensitivity. The tremendous strength that we hold as empaths in tune with all life. Every person, animal, creature, atom and molecule. The great power we recieve from being in true oneness to all things. This mist is to help empaths get back to their roots, and filter out negativity, and protect us when we are sensitive.

 This mist is created with many botanicals and essential oils that work to surround and protect the empath. Plant allies will move around your energy field helping to patch up holes in your aura, and center your mind. Spraying this before social gatherings will leave you protected and safe from negativity entering into your energy field. 

This mist can also be used when you're feeling particularly sensitive to the energy around you and within you. Breathe in the mist and allow your mind, body and spirit to absorb positive, comforting and protecting energy specifically alchemized to heal, protect, and rejuvinate the empath. 

Relieving mental fog from emotional exhaustion. Helping your mind to be clear, so you may naturally filter out that which no longer serves you. May you be all that you are meant to be, unhindered. 

This listing is for one 2 OZ spray bottle of Empath. Vegan, natural, organic, toxinfree, cruelty free, no b.s.  

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