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Elemental Bath Mixes are based around the alchemical element focus. These bath mixes are created to help you tap into your own inner alchemist and magician and deeply connect with each element, remembering the secrets of existence and life, as well as gaining deep knowledge and wisdom of the self while treating ourselves to self love, and self care through relaxing baths. 

Each element is offered in the form of a bath mix. With their own therapeutic benefits and sacred alchemy. Use in rituals where the specific element is needed. Such as for balancing your life. Each element is tied to a certain aspect of our being, Earth for career, home, and safety. Water for relationships and emotions. Air for communication and the mind. Fire for our passions and desires. 

Use one mix to balance out an element you may have too much of, fire to balance water and vise versa, air to balance out earth and vise versa. Spirit for all encompassing. Each one has the given correspondences written on the label, so you can use it to your advantage in spiritual, mental or physical alchemy. 

These bath mixes will help you connect with each element, balance your being, soothe your skin, provide nourishment, and tune you into your inner alchemist, magician, witch etc. They can also be used to honor certain energy, deities etc. 

Honor existence and the universe as well as deeply connect, communicate, and understand as well as amplify your ability to manifest and create the realities you desire by using these bath mixes. 

Fire Salts 

Correspondences: *destruction, passion, process, transformation, work, medium, sulfur, volatile, dry, hot, masculine, active, sacral, solar

Air Salts 

Correspondences: *breath, mind, prana, third eye, heart, action, communication, hot, wet, volatile, mercury, warm, masculine, active 

Spirit Salts

Correspondences: *wholeness, completion, all encompassing, beginning, end, all of creation, ether, all 

Water Salts 

Correspondences: *emotion, fluidity, life force, submersion, flow, wet, fixed, cold, feminine, passive 

Earth Salts 

Correspondences: *anchoring, grounding, house, career, safety, structure, birth, dry, cold, salt, fixed, feminine, passive 

Use 1-2 tbsp for each ritual bath. Store in a cool, dry place. 

Fire salt ingredients: magnesium salts, wormwood, hibiscus powder, dragons blood resin, orange mica, rose mica, copper mica, ginger eo, orange eo, cinnamon eo. 

Air salts ingredients: magnesium salts, yarrow flowers, yellow mica, yellow color, eucalyptus eo, peppermint eo. 

Water salts ingredients: magnesium salts, kelp seaweed, blue color, blue mica, lemongrass eo, lemon eo, spearmint eo. 

Earth salts ingredients: magnesium salts, black walnut leaf, brown mica, dark brown mica, sea green mica, green color, patchouli eo, sandalwood eo, cypress eo. 

Spirit salts ingredients: magnesium salts, kaolin clay, blue lotus flowers, jasmine eo, lavender eo, Frankiscense eo. 

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