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Earthman Body Scrub is a unique and special handmade, organic, vegan, nontoxic, no b.s. scrub that will leave your skin smooth, cleansed, renewed, and stimulated. Leaving a desirable earthy aroma, and a deep connection to our roots.

Simple, nature created, animal friendly and eco friendly, this scrub is divine. This scrub offers reduced inflammation, healthy and moisturized skin from vitamin D and Zinc, alleviation of bacteria, the removal of dead skin cells, stimulation of new cell growth, and helps fight free radicals that damage the skin and also repair the damage already done. As well as containing a plant known as Roobios which is known to prevent precancerous skin cells from replicating! 

This scrub is nature in a container and truly a delight to use. It connects us to our roots, meaning it centers and grounds us into the moment, allowing us to experience a state of mind that is more at ease. The scrub also acts as a layer or aura of protection against negative energy. It is created as a mix of aromatherapy, perfumery, skincare, herbalism, and alchemy. Balancing the mind, body and spirit as one. 

Earthman is a perfect addition to shower and bathing rituals to achieve clean, exfoliated skin without the need for harmful chemicals and toxins. The clay exfoliates and cleanses the skin, removing dirt and cleaning the pores, the sugar gently and non-abrasively removes dead skin cells and  stimulates new healthier skin. Pine infused seed oil provides light, non greasy, effective moisturization. While the other ingredients provide for sweet earthy aroma, soothed and alive skin, and a calm, down to earth, centered and aligned energy. 

Earthman connect to your roots, give your physical vessel the love it craves and honor your most present nature.

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Use this scrub 1-2x a week or for times of mental burn out, and chaos wether mentally, and emotionally or outwardly. Use with intention.  Apply a small amount on wet skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse off. Keep moisture out of container, store in a cool, dry place. 

4 OZ GlassContainer

Ingredients: 100% pure sugar cane, organic kaolin clay, wild crafted pine infused organic Grapeseed oil, organic roobios, 100% pure and organic lavender EO, 100% pure and organic clove EO.  

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