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Elemental Healing

This form of healing is using all of the elements, the platonic solids. While we live on this Earth plain, sometimes we forget the energy that is offered to us here in order to fully balance our entire being.

This form of healing, uses each element to achieve ultimate balance, healing, and easy ascension to higher consciousness while fully grounding us into our bodies. Each element is its own dimension, and this healing attunes you to these elements. You will then be able to use them to your advantage if you develop an understanding of them. This healing can help awaken your inner magician and alchemist.

The element of water is used in the healing for the emotional body. Allowing healing to take place on a deeply emotional level, healing all wounds and relationships, including the relationship with the self and the divine.

The element of fire is used for our passions, purpose, and creativity. Healing any negativity or trauma in this area and balancing it combining the high frequency energy of our divine fire, with the anchoring energy of the other elements we manifest our desires and heal infinitely.

The element of air is for the mental bodies, our intellect, our mind, the brain. This part of the healing clears all cords and attachments we may have to anything not serving us, and allows a clear pathway and connection to our inner teacher, as well as safely taking us to greater heights in being.

The element of Earth is used to ground your energy, center and completely align all of your being on all levels and dimensions anchoring healing into this physical reality. Helping us to tune into our magic, and connect with others on a deep level. Working from a place of peace, and serenity. Creating the vital energy for success in all areas of our desires.

The element of spirit is used for all things we can imagine and in this area creating expansion, growth, healing, and higher levels of being. Carrying our true power with us, and an innate connection, and protection from the divine. Offering realizations, and ascension on deep levels.

This healing provides an overall well being using the main elements that we are given on a daily basis to truly anchor it into our beings on all levels. Using the elements given by the divine source, we combine all that is to create our desired outcome. We are whole, and we are balanced.

This healing is done through phone call or video chat and takes 30-40 minutes. Upon purchasing I will contact you and discuss scheduling and comfortability. You will need to be undisturbed and relaxed for the duration of the session, as I guide you through visualizations as work with elemental tools for the healing.

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