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In vision  a dragon warrior, calling upon the spirit of the Dragon at will, working side by side as allies, and friends. Flying, soaring through the higher realms, and burning away all that no longer serves. Removing barriers and blocks, awakening inner dimensions of unfathomable magic and unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Protection is no question, and power is a force to be reckoned with.

 This body cream allows your physical vessel to anchor the energy of the dragons unto it and the earthly realm. As you wear this body cream, do not be surprised if you begin to channel or receive messages from the spirits of the dragons themselves. Wear honorably, and respectfully. 

This body cream is created with body loving butters of mango, cocoa, and shea creating a triple butter cream with skin loving oils such as hemp seed oil, jojoba and argan oils. Your skin will be so deliciously smooth and luxurious while carrying the power, fire, and magic of the dragon spirit. Created with the aromas of golden frankincense, etheric violet, and earthy mysterious patchouli. Each with benefits to nourish the skin, bring out your glow, and leave the skin soft and moisturized for days on end.

 With dragons blood resin as the key ingredient and offering to dragon energy, you'll awaken your own inner fire, and your physical vessel will be totally protected from toxins and your being from ill will and negativity. Adorning your body with dragons blood will open gateways unknown to most, and awakened and guided by the dragon allies. Your body will be transformed by this cream, and your spirit will be at its fullest power.

 This listing is for one 4oz glass container of Dragonz Blood Cream. Organic, vegan, preservative free, toxin free, additive free, cruelty free, natural, no b.s., 

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