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Divine Rose Elixir is a holy and sacred elixir, crafted in loving dance and decanted on Easter day. Rose is our beloved angelic queen of flowers, and this elixir captures her essence divinely to bring love, bliss and healing to all.

Rose is the flower all beings are and have been in awe of, her delicate yet fierce beauty has been revered and loved for centuries. Associated with and adorning goddesses and priestesses - symbolizing the Rose Lineage, used in medicines, rituals, ceremonies, music, art, and all love making and expressing everywhere. Rose has been here for around thirty-five million years witnessing the rising and falling of civilizations and providing medicine to Earths inhabitants - showing her ruling as the Queen of Flowers.


Divine Rose, our lady of thorn and silk. Of whom has been shown to energetically teach us loving solid boundaries, higher love, angelic presence, heart softening and opening, and mysticism. Rose takes us into ourselves, and expands us outward. Rose opens and softens the heart, revealing truth. She has be used in the healing of stuck grief, stored trauma, tension, stagnation, and loneliness. Rose generously assists in the processing of grief, anger, shame and heartache. Rose teaches us to see the divinity in the pain we have experienced, bringing softness and beauty to the thorny parts of the past.

Rose offers heart opening for forgiveness, resolution and hope. Healing comes in layers, and rose knows and acts in respect to this. Rose is safe in expressing the fullness of her blossom, as she is protected by her thorns, and she teaches us this too. Rose awakens our senses and teaches us full sensual embodiment. To have confidence in our individual beauty and strength and trust in our protection and power.

She helps us to establish boundaries, solidify our strength, surrender into softness, appreciate our beauty, become empowered in love and teaches us to trust our bodies and ourselves and feel safe in the world allowing intimacy with life. Rose brings us ultimately back to heart centered being.


Physically Rose has been shown to tighten and tone lax tissues and muscles, deeply soothe inner and outer inflammation. As well as calm, restore and uplift the nervous system. Rose works in many ways on many different systems with the body. Rose is energetically cooling and drying which is helpful for hot and damp conditions. Rose has been used for pelvic decongestion, women's health, the reproduction-enrichment-and transformation of cells, to ease headaches, calm agitation and reduce tension.

Beloved Rose has many faces, and shows up for each of us in many different ways. In this Elixir we unionize with rose through sacred alchemy of plant and human. Our cells quickly absorbing and essentially love making or dancing with rose spirit to bring us what we need in any given moment. Rose is a sacred and ancient ally, with a plethora of benefits and a generous spirit. Within this Divine Rose Elixir may you receive the enrichment and nourishment you desire. May you know love is here now. Within your divinely human self.

This Divine Rose Elixir came into full manifestation on the day of Easter because of the Rose association with Yeshua Chirst and Mary Magdalene, to anchor in the balance of the yin-yang, masculine-feminine Christ Consciousness - simply meaning, an anchoring of divine heart centered being.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene - despite popular belief and patriarchal manipulation and compartmentalization - were beloved partners and equals who worked and loved in divine union to spread this love, light and healing to ALL (and still do). It is said that as Yeshua was on the cross, Mary Magdalene wept at his feet - and from her tears red roses bloomed at the bottom of the cross. This story and many others show up through various sacred union legends.

Though there are many within the Rose Lineage before and after Yeshua and Magdalena that have our beloved rose, Divine Rose Elixir was created with these specific energies to represent this Rose Lineage and awaken the Rose Codes within you. To anchor in all that rose offers into your vessel with the holiness of the birth, death and rebirth cycles of the divinely human heart path and provide you with highest light and love.


*1OZ Glass Dropper*

*2OZ Glass Dropper*

To use: Take 1-2 droppers full 3x daily or whenever the heart is in need of softening and strength.

Note: Not for children under 4 years old. For children 4-12 please use only 1-4 drops in total dosage daily.

Ingredients: Rosa spp., organic maple syrup, Distilled Spirits, Swedish Rose vodka, Rose quartz essence, love and christ light.

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