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She calls to those who are ready for power unlike anything this planet has known for centuries. She chooses you. You who are called into the waves and abyss of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess. She who was repressed and caged out of fear, now awakened inside of each sacred being ready for her sensutiality, sensitivity, compassion, deep encompassing intoxicating love. True and pure unconditional divine love. She who calls to you is Goddess, and she has come to move galaxies for you.

 Within this amber red vessel which holds the divine feminine nectar is a magick, a love, a power unlike any other. It holds the sweet, comforting, embracing and accepting rose golden peach aura of the Goddess energy. 

With sweet aroma of Peaches and  sweet tobacco you're swept into the arms of the mother goddess and beckoned to melt into your innate power. Unlocking your feminine nature regardless of the gender you claim. As she lives within us all.

 Infused herbal oils with motherwort, mugwort, lavender and other ancient and deeply sacred herbs that act as an offering and honor the divine feminine. Gently calling you, welcoming you into your own space of wisdom, strength, power and all else that is felt in such a way that only the Goddess can bring among you.

 Envoking all your senses, calling them to action, bringing your divine feminine to the forefront to come out and play. To dance, to sing, to sense. To fulfill your exact purpose within the dance of the peach gold alchemical realm. Where you are intoxicated with presence, focus, compassion and inner fire. 

If she calls, we must listen. We must. For she calls when we are ready, and only when we are ready. If we miss the call, if we ignore it, we miss everything. Everything we are, and everything that this beautiful existence offers. So expand and open to her. In sacred ritual of adorning yourself with this nectar feel her call. Feel her presence and all encompassing sweet sweet energy. Know that she is you. 

This nectar shimmers with peach rose gold, and leaves a hint of a glow on you to carry the divine feminine with you and so that you may embody your divine feminine. It does not transfer onto clothing once the skin has fully absorbed the body butter nectar. It smells of sweet peaches and sweet tobacco, leaving nothing but the energy of that which the Goddess, the Divine Feminine gives. It goes on silky smooth, and is non-greasy leaving no heavy residue. 

Included with this nectar is an optional raw Peach Moonstone to further tap into the eternal and immortal divine feminine energy, bringing softness and comfort to your heart, healing to your womb and sacral, and compassion and love in all areas. 

This body butter needs at the most 10 minutes to be fully absorbed into the skin. Always use with clean, dry hands.

 ---This product is vegan, 99.9% natural, organic, toxin free, and no B.S. This product is the only product in the shop that contains fragrance, however free of toxins and cancer causing chemicals. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, coco-nut oil, candeilla wax, arrowroot powder, mica, fragrance, infused herbal jojoba grapseed oil. Contains nut ingredients. 

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