Deep Calm Body + Bath Oil

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Deep Calm Body + Bath Oil is an oil that will disperse tension and remove it from the body, soften the hard edges, relax our entire being, and wrap us in comforting arms. Created with nerve calming motherwort, tension releasing blue vervain, and relaxing and soothing lavender.

 This oil works to create balance within inflexible, overbearing, and extreme people and works to release this energy from after being around such energy. It helps reduce burn out from social events and calm a nervous mind. It disperses stagnant energy and is helpful for anyone who tends to live in their heads, or strive for perfection for themselves and others to an unhealthy extent. It soothes emotions when emotions run high, and we feel constrained or internalized. This oil cools heat in the body and helps promote healthy boundaries, and facilitates inner strength while allowing for nurturing. It helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system, and it is good for those who move too quickly and tend to hold onto stress and anxiety in the physical body. 

This oil can be energetically cooling or warming depending on the persons need. This oil calms and steadies the mind and will promote clarity and focus. With powerful plant allies creating an inner and outer sanctuary for deep calm, this is an oil that can benefit us all from time to time. 

It can be used in a relaxing bath, before meditation, during breaks on the temples and heart, or any other time you need a sense of deep calm. 

Each oil comes in a 1OZ blue glass dropper bottle. 

This oil contains no essential oils, additives, fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, toxins, or any unnatural lab created ingredient. This oil is vegan, natural, organic, handmade, cruelty free, non toxic, and no B.S. Only pure plant medicine in each bottle. 

 Ingredients: organic cold pressed Grapeseed oil, organic cold pressed avacado oil, organic cold pressed olive oil, organic blue vervain, organic wild crafted lavender flowers, organic motherwort. 

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