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Reiki DNA Activation

This form of Reiki is similar to the previous Reiki technique however it goes much deeper into the spiritual sense of it. While Reiki Healing is for everyone, Reiki DNA may not be. This form of Reiki activates the dormant strands of DNA to help further our ascension process becoming in tune with our capabilities, as well as clears all blocks and stagnant energies in the Chakras and etheric fields.

What is DNA?

DNA (De-oxyribo-nucleic acid) is like processing and storage centre of our cell just like CPU of a computer. Hence it is also called as ‘blueprint of life’. Each human cell has 2 strands of double helix DNA.

What is Reiki DNA Activation?

Along with the 2 physical strands of double helix DNA, we have additional 10 etheric strands (or 5 pairs), of which have been dormant since the beginning of the human history. Researchers say that we use only 3% of the current 2 DNA strands. The DNA activation process activates not only 2 current strands to 100% but also 10 dormant etheric DNA strands. With this, we become a multi dimensional being with excellent psychic, telepathic and manifesting abilities by using more than 10% of our brain.

So what are the 12 strands of DNA?

1st pair – Physical body pair which is active. Only 1st pair is physical and active but we use only 3% prior to DNA activation. Rest other 5 are non- physical and dormant. 2nd pair – EQ (Emotional Quotient) level- e.g. types of personalities introvert or extrovert. 3rd pair – Genetically mental profile like logical, creative thinking as of engineers, mathmeticians, artists. 4th pair – Soul’s Karmic profile i.e. lessons to be learnt to balance karma and genetic soul’s mission, which describes the soul pattern- teacher, healer, warrior etc. 5th Pair – governs our soul cluster. This pair controls the movement and timing of specific souls within a soul cluster (or group) to seek and find each other to the mutual fulfillment of their souls purpose. 6th pair – aligns all DNA strands with the Divine.

Benefits clients claim from recieving Reiki DNA activation:
  1. Psychic abilities like clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairgustance, clairaudient and empaths are activated.
  2. Clarity of life purpose and soul mission.
  3. Removes energetic blockages between us and higher self, soul consciousness etc.
  4. Expanded memory and increased brain capacity.
  5. Clears karmic and genetic patterns leading to positive changes in health, finances, career and relationships.
  6. Builds personal will power.
  7. Increased function of the bodily systems.
  8. Reversal of aging process.
  9. Faster manifesting process.
  10. Accelerated ascension.
DNA activation symptoms
  1. Immediate symptoms – Headaches, nausea, mood swings, pain from neck to back, loneliness. (Which can quikly be helped by a Reiki Healing)
  2. Lucid dreaming and astral travelling/projection.
  3. Repeated number sequence or synchronicities/signs come to you.
  4. Hidden talents begin to surface.
  5. Embrace and love own self.
  6. Look or feel younger.
  7. Desire to connect with twin flames or soul mates.
  8. Forgiveness of self and others.
  9. Zero tolerance to negativity.
  10. Move on from situations which no longer serve your purpose.

These DNA Activation are a week long process of your physical body fully integrating the energy, however after booking a session you will need only a 35 minutes to and hour of time to yourself. Once purchasing, you will be given instructions for the session, and guidance to make this process as easy for you as can be.

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