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Women go through four phases, four seasons every month from the start of our moon cycle to the end where a new and different cycle emerges with menopause. The way we tend and care and nurture this important time that can be the key to reversing disease and living our best lives in radical and vibrant health and well being, is so important. It will determine what lives we lead and how we feel and experience life on a day to day basis. The womb is the carrier of all our emotions, and is a compass for our health. Our cycles tell us the truth of our well-being, and the majority of women today experience the symptoms that come from living a life disconnected from our wombs and not only that, but adds to our bodies ultimate destruction. We are female womb carriers having to keep up, live, eat, breath, work, according to a patriarchal system. It is no wonder the literal majority of women are unhealthy in some form. 

This set allows us to give our body what It lacks in each phase of our cycle throughout the month. As our cycle is so important to be nourished and supported for well being and vibrant health, there is also herbs to support each phase in its purpose as well. This set works to align and balance each phase and our cycles as women. Working to tone and support the uterus, as well as the entire body to focus on each individual phase itself and to prepare for the phase that comes next. Not only will this set potentially remove many issues we experience with infertility and PMS, as well as potentially soothe endometriosis, remove stagnation from fibroids, and tend to all other reproductive health issues, it will also tune and align us energetically to our cycles and seasons. 

We are creatures of cycle, of yin. We have been taught to live in a masculine focused way that has been detrimental to our health as cyclical beings, we are not linear as women. This set honors this and energetically helps you to honor this within yourself as well. Tuning you into your own nature and get in tune with nature herself as well. In tune with the cycles of the cosmos becoming the wise woman. It will help you to remember deep wisdom that is hidden within your womb past down from your ancestors and passed through your DNA from many lifetimes as well as connect you to new wisdom directly from your divine nature. 

This set allows us all to stay conscious of our cyclical being in each phase as well as honor each one as it serves us, and get the most out of each season our bodies experience.

The four phases of our bodies and wombs are Menstrual (inner winter), Follicular (inner spring), Ovulation (inner summer), Luteal Phase (inner autumn). Each elixir tends each one. Upon purchasing you will receive a detailed PDF of each phase and usage of each elixir. You will receive information on the phase length, it’s effect on us, the science of what’s happening, and how each plant helps us in each phase. As well as dosaging for each elixir. 

The elixirs are: 

~Mystic Elixir

Rest and Nourish 

With red raspberry leaf, nettle, cramp bark, turmeric, chaga mushroom, and ashwagandha 

~Maiden Elixir~ 

Create and Renew 

With nettle, holy basil, and schizandra berry

~Mother Creatrix Elixir~ 

Express, Create, Connect

With red clover, shatavari, and maca 

~Wild Woman Elixir~ 

Reflect and Listen Deeply

With chaste berry, ginger, burdock root, holy basil, ashwagandha 

Each elixir comes in a 1OZ glass dropper bottle. 

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