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This product line is one I dedicate to my fellow cosmic beings. The starseeds and multidimensional intergalactic beings. Especially those who in their human form from time to time need a reminder or tool of connection to their divine nature and true self. The self that is, was and always will be. The star that you are. Each product is crafted with alchemy of the stars, and divine love. May each one allow you to remember your divine nature, may each one help the light codes within you emerge, may it allow you to fully step into your power and strength. May each one comfort your otherworldly heart. Products in the listing: 

Starseed Scrub -Shimmer Body Scrub: A super galactic, intergalactic  body  shimmer scrub that has you glowing under the moonlight. Allowing you to embody your starseed power and connect deeply with the divine, unlocking your light codes and filling your heart with wholeness and remember ace of purpose. This scrub is created with exfoliating and nourishing 100% pure sugar cane, stimulating, blood circulating and skin rejuvenating organic coffee, healing hemp seed oil. Scented with starry lime, mystical mugwort, high viben vanilla, and starseed origins ancient Egyptian lotus. You’ll smell intoxicating with vibes of the true star being you are and shimmer with the galaxies you’re one with. Size : 5oz

 ✨Held In Space - Body Balm A super luxurious body balm that is full of cosmic shimmer and shine. A body balm meant to hug you and comfort you in times where you feel alone and indifferent as an otherworldly being. Reminding you of your divine support and purpose. Allowing you to tune into your innate knowledge and power. sweet stardust adorns your human vessel reminding you of your divinity and wholeness. Created with scents of starry lime, mystical mugwort and higher vibrational angelic vanilla. With activating and spiritual attuning magical tulsi and mugwort infused grape seed oil. Size : 2oz

Shooting Star Bath Bomb Melt into the waters and womb of the universe surrounded by cosmic nebula and galaxy with captivating aroma penetrating deep into your cosmic being. This bath bomb allows you to be fully immersed in starry shimmer and galactic color. Skin safe, organic and natural, as well as leaving a shimmer on the skin while the rest easily goes down the drain after your super activating and elevating bath. With herbs of enlightening blue lotus, and sacred holy basil and the aromas of lavender, lemon and vanilla you are taken into a cosmic realm of crystal energy and advanced knowing remembering your true essence and divinity. Witnessing the swirling of galaxies and breathing with the cosmos. Size: Large

Moonflower Highlighter A cosmetic makeup to adorn your human vessel with your cosmic radiance. Moon beams radiate from your complexion and your otherworldliness cannot be denied. This highlighter is an honorable alternative to commercial makeup as it’s free of toxins and chemicals and is purely plant and earth based ingredients. This highlighter is buildable, which allows you to pack on the shine if your intergalactic soul shall wish! Feel like a radiant glowing moonflower during the day or at night to remind yourself and others who you came here to be and what you came here to do. This highlighter is created with white kaolin clay which not only does not clog your pores, it also keeps them from clogging in the first place and protects the skin from further damage. It is crafted with The Inner Essence Ros Ex Rosa oil so it is deeply healing, and allows the skin to remain clear and vibrant. This highlighter will leave a glowy shimmer and can be used on your cheekbones, collarbone, shoulders, nose, upper brow, lips, and even as an eye shadow. Size: 1oz 

Celestial Sap A nourishing intergalactic body balm for your inner star being. This body balm provides nutrients for healthy skin and leaves a dewy green and silver shimmer on the skin. More balm equals more shimmer. With a sweet fruity citrus scent created with lemongrass, rosemary, spearmint, jasmine this body balm connects you to the deepest parts of the cosmic womb. Connect deeply with the celestial and experience nourished, moisturized skin with mango butter, avacado, and hemp oils. You can choose to have the sap with and without the green shimmer. Leaving the star skin out, but locking in the magic and nourishment. 

New cosmic products once developed will be added to this listing on this product line. I will have a wide variety of different products for each need and daily ritual that caters to your cosmic desires. 

Each product is natural, skin safe, vegan, toxin free, organic, cruelty free, and no B.S. 

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