Chamomile Incense

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Earthy, sweet, floral chamomile Incense. Enjoy the pleasurable aroma of incense without the toxins and chemicals. Made from only natural, organic, vegan, nontoxic ingredients as incense was created originally to be. Handmade, and created with loving intention.

Chamomile Incense will provide a sacred space of calm and relaxation, with a balance of strength and light. It serves well as a meditation incense. Chamomile is known to help promote comforting and calming feelings, reducing anxiety and helping to lure us to sleep.

This incense is created with white oak bark providing intense protection, and even hex breaking properties. This incense holds the energy of purity, divinity, calm strength, and ease.

You will receive 10 handmade incense in a tin container of herbs upon purchasing.

To use, place on a crystal plate, a smooth flat stone, or inside an incense holder. Light the incense, holding the flame to the incense for a minute, and then blow out when entire top is showing a red glow. Enjoy the benefits and divine smell.

Ingredients: organic white oak bark, organic chamomile flowers from Egypt.

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