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This chakra oil was requested by you, and now its been hand crafted and created with pure love, and incredible light energy and is now available for you!

 7 is an oil blend created to anchor and merge heaven and earth within the Self. Using the ancient way of aromatherapy to transform and alchemically transmute the energy of the individual using the blend, by their own will. Crafted with 7 different oils, set in sunflower oil. The sunflower oil is very high in vibration and brings in light codes, and dna activations through the center of which it is placed. As a solar oil, it is an oil of illumination and enlightenment. 

Included in the blend is organic and natural blue lotus flower petals. Extremely sacred to Ancient Egypt where they would use this flower to travel to different realms and receive the knowledge and wisdom these areas of consciousness held.  Each of the seven oils correlate with the seven main chakras. 

Root- Vetiver: Grounding, safety, balance. 

Sacral- Blood Orange: Sensuality, creativity, joy,  healed relationships, goddess.

Solar Plexus - Anise Star: Manifestation, wealth, power, centered being. 

Heart - Rose Absolute: divine and universal love, connection oneness. 

Throat - Ravensara: expression, rooted and uplifted communication, travel. 

Third Eye- Frankincense: spiritual sight, thoughts to reality, clarity, peaceful being. 

Crown- Violet: enlightenment, sacred insight, divine communication, wisdom, activation of abilities. 

This blend can be used during chakra meditations, to anoint candles and objects, anoint the body for realignment and grounding as well as opening of the energy channels to the universe. The scent is extremely realigning and recentering. Deeply peaceful and spacious. Connect to all you seek, all you are. Before sending 7 off to you, it is charged with Ancient Egyptian Temple Healing, with the chakras and activating them in their absolute highest light form. 

This listing is for a 10ml roll on of 7 Chakra Oil. Organic, vegan, toxin free, no B.S.

Ingredients: 100%pure organic sunflower oil and essential oils, organic blue lotus. 

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