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Ceremony Smoke Blend 🙏💨Here is sacred alchemy. I am deeply honored, always to create for you. I am deeply grateful to be of service to you. Here seen is Ceremony Smoke Blend. It doubles as a tea for those who don't smoke.

It has herbs like Damania and Blue Lotus which expand and stimulate the mind, as well as bring in enlightenment and spiritual expansion. This blend creates a euphoric bliss, relaxation, stress relief, headache relief, and anxiety and depression relief. It sinks you immediately into a meditative state and is perfect for meditations, rituals, ceremonies, and even trance and dance. It will take you on a euphoric and blissful divine journey within the self while centering, grounding and focusing you. Fully present, alert and blissful. You are guided by the blend through each moment with awareness and ease. It is perfect for ceremonial rituals and experiences and allows you to fully tap in to the energy being worked with. It allows your mind and spirit to be unbound by the physical and open to the spiritual.

The blend is incredibly smooth and feels like pure vital life energy. The taste is herbal and floral like a potpourri you can smoke or drink. It is an amazing alternative to marijuana and tobacco and is also non addictive. This blend comes with crystals to connect with as you smoke or drink, and a couple already rolled smokes.

The effects last a half hour, and can be smoked again for attaining the experience. The effects aren't strong as to intensely alter the function of the mind but it is best to try the blend first in your sacred space before using it elsewhere to get a feel for it.

May your journey be blessed and enlightening.

🌀Upon purchasing the item you will receive an email with instructions and in depth information of each herb and flower used. There is NO THC and NO CBD in this product, all ingredients are organic, vegan, toxin free, and legal in all areas. It is completely hand made and crafted, with alchemy and 100% pure love. It comes in a 4 oz glass container, with crystals.

Warning - The safety of this product has not been determined. If continued use results in adverse affects or health concerns, discontinue use immediately. Above description is for information and knowledge purpose, not healthcare professional advice. Please read the whole description carefully before you decide to buy this item. Please consult your doctor, licensed practitioner and/or health care provider/physician before using any product from The Inner Essence. Smoking is dangerous to health and hazardous. Please read ingredients and be sure you do not have allergies to any, I am not responsible for any allergic reactions you get from using this product.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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