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An invocation/spell/ritual for healing trauma and disease, deepening and strengthening protection and birthing your new world for your bloodline. 

This invocation is an extremely powerful ritual to heal lifetimes of deep wounds, trauma, oppression, repression, abuse, disease, imbalance, injustice, pain and any karmic cycle that has hindered your bloodline from achieving and actualizing full soul path and purpose, power and potential. 

It will also bring your bloodline into wholeness, balance and harmony with existence by calling in healing and strengthening protection and spiritual ability. 

This invocation will allow your bloodline to be healed to the root of all that is keeping you from living out your highest path and receiving that which is your birthright. It will awaken within your bloodline the abilities that make your bloodline sacred and powerful in its own right and remove all obstacles to this. It will provide protection and support from powerful forces and integrate past, present and future beings within your bloodline to complete cycles and rebirth a new world and reality for you and for all within your bloodline. 

This invocation is powerful and its powers are enhanced when done on a Full Moon, Solar or Lunar Eclipse, or during a cosmic event that lines with the specific energy you're seeking at the time. 

This ritual can be done once or multiple times according to what you intuitively feel is right for the ritual to be fully anchored. 

I created this invocation for myself and to share with all. As this invocation creates a reality from the individual who does it that when rippled out and done by all, we can truly change the collective existence we live in, to be one of unity, love, honor, and harmony ultimately. However, using it for yourself will have the focus of your bloodline and through your bloodline these things will be achieved. Which can influence energy and others around those in your bloodline to be activated in this same way, on deep levels of truth, love, and wholeness. 

I pray this ritual serves you well, it is my intent that this gives you and your lineage the love, protection and existence that is your birthrights. 

I pray for the wholeness, love and divinely human embodiment for all. 

May you feel the power you are. May your lineage be healed and birthed into sacred being. May you and your lineage be free. 

Upon purchasing this invocation you will receive a PDF with it and instructions. 

I plan on offering a product to help in this process, for now you may use what is suggested in the ritual.

To use: Download PDF, and if you can, print it. Then follow the ritual instructions. 


Please do not share.  This invocation was written by me, and it is disrespectful to me and the sacredness of the ritual to give away my work freely without my permission as the creator of it. My spells and rituals and invocations are from my own heart and I ask that you please respect it. You may purchase it for another, but do not send my ritual to others without permission. Please and thank you. 

There are no refunds for spells/invocations/etc as you will already have my work in your hands permanently once purchasing. 

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