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Blemish Balm is a handmade, organic, vegan herbal balm with blemish fighting ingredients that will help to remove, soothe and heal even the toughest blemishes and quench the hunger of our nutrient deprived skin. Blemish balm is created to help with even cystic acne. It is safe for sensitive skin but is suitable and highly effective for all skin types. 

This balm will greatly reduce redness and inflammation, spead up healing on wounds and marks, soothe irritated skin including skin with eczema and psoriasis, provides essential vitamins and minerals for balanced blemish free skin, remove toxins from the skin, protect the skin from free radicals, dirt, and pulltion especially from clogging the pores, works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and more.

 This balm is lightweight and your skin will aborb it right up along with all the incredible and numerous benefits and nutrients. Can be used to relieve rashes, and itching as well as breakouts from allergies or acne. Allowing the body to successfully detox toxins, removing them from the skin and protecting the skins natural barrier against such things. Blemish balm can be used as a spot treatment or overall treatment. 

This balm also provides collagen boost for the skin and gives it minerals that are lacked within our diets. Whatever skin problem and blemish you may have, this balm is the answer.

 Best used after the use of Mermask Blemish Mask. After using Mermask   simply take a water drop size of Blemish Balm and rub on blemishes or all over the face and skin. May melt in high temperatures, but will solidify in cold temperatures. Please keep in a cool, dry area away from sunlight to keep from melting, if balm is too hard, put in sunlight for 5 minutes.

 1/2 OZ

Ingredients: hemp (thc free) oil, grape seed oil, avacado oil, rose and calendula infused jojoba and almond oils, yarrow and calendula olive oil, tamanu oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil. Turmeric, comfrey leaf, matcha, French green clay, candelilla wax *organic *vegan *toxin free *cruelty free *no B.S. 

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