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Beard Balm is a handmade, natural, organic, vegan balm that is created for styling and taming rugged locks on the face and even the head. It promotes hair growth, and is free of toxins and provides essential hydration and nourishment for hair. 

Beard balm is made from pure plant alchemy and is crafted to deeply nourish, tame and promote hair growth without toxins, chemicals, and ingredients that strip the luxury and protection from the hair. 

Beard balm leaves a natural light cologne on the beard from musk and earth for the natural man. Add this to your self care routines for a grounded aura and earthy aroma. To carry the medicine of each plant ally to stay uplifted, calm, and grounded. While taming and styling your hair, and stimulating further growth. Leaving you with a shiny, smooth, and desirable look. 


Organic Shea butter, organic olive oil, organic fractionated coconut oil, candelilla wax, rosemary EO, cedar wood EO, rosemary EO, frankinscense EO. 

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