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Banish Scrub, made for banishing almost everything you can think of, especially on the skin. Also, in your energy field. Organic, vegan, toxin free, natural and handmade. Each label hand painted. Each container reusable. 

Ever felt just gross, physically and spiritually? Feeling totally polluted by negativity and daily literal pollution. There is nothing better than a nice scrub to banish the pollution of daily life, dead skin cells, and negative vibes. As a powerful banishing and purifying scrub that has powerhouse ingredients that break through and remove acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, xerisos, tinea pedis, and even poison ivy. Extreme antifungal and antibacterial oils and herbs, complimented by replenishing and moisturizing, soothing gentle oils. This scrub will leave you feeling totally new and purified. 

Made with the intention to completely clear out any negativity both on the skin and within your sacred space. This scrub includes oils of plants that have been used, especially in magick for centuries for banishment, protection and even hex/curse breaking.Tea tree and peppermint oils are  a powerful part of this blend working to completely wipe away bacteria, and skin imbalances as well as protect and revitalize, doing the same for your energy and intentional focus to the aspect you wish to see these in. 

Black pepper working to break through and totally banish negative forces and enhance circulation and provide more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, as well as being a powerful exfoliater. Sage and sage bits to enhance exfoliation and clear all negativity and to balance the skin, as well as fight wrinkles and fine lines. Lavendar to soothe irritated and inflamed skin, and bring peace, light, and tranquility to a circumstance, or aspect. 

With handmade florida water created here at The Inner Essence to amplify and add even stronger banishing and purifying energy. Florida water has been used for decades for an over-all power energy and magic source covering all intentions. With jojoba oil to completely moisturize and balance the Ph of the skin, while not leaving oily residue. The scrub is created with sea salt, dead sea salt and Himalayan salt ground into a very fine course salt scrub gentle and effective enough for anyone. What really powers this scrub is lastly, black walnut. Black walnut completely smashes through skin issues and manifested stress and imbalance.Getting rid of stress, curses, hexes, negativity, illusion, and spiritual pollution, along with all previously mentioned benefits, you will be born anew, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Care for me as I care for you 💙 For optimal benefits, during use, do not get water into the scrubs. As the water will reduce freshness of the scrub, due to the lack of preservatives and additives. For best use, store in a cool, dry area. Use within 12 months.

Recommended use: On wet skin, scoop a small amount out and scrub on skin. Focusing on all the negativity and gunk you want to get rid of in any aspect of your being and reality. Then feel and imagine the water dispelling it all forever sending it back to earth to be transmuted into something more beneficial.

 This listing is for one 4OZ glass container of Banish Scrub. 

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