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This mist is extremely high in vibration and energy. It was created by a moving meditation channeling the team of archangels. Archangels assist humanity in healing, protection, and many other things. They are heard of in ancient texts, they assist Reiki healers, and send messages to all of humanity, only a few have listened and understood their divine presence.

This blend came to me during my meditation with the archangels, they assisted me in deep, deep ancestral work and healing on many timelines and dimensions. They encompassed and surrounded me in ultimate protection, healing, love and support. I was guided by the energy of this realm and beings of the purest light and wisdom to create this mist for you all to receive the same energy.

There is nothing but love, ultimate healing and protection within this bottle. Through moving meditation and channeling this energy, my hands were guided to eight different essential oils combined using sacred numerology and angel number that created the scent for this mist.

Upon the ending of the meditation the angels immediately sent me the numbers 444 which are the numbers of divine support. These numbers are also on the label of the bottle to truly bring in, amplify and carry the energy of these divine angel numbers.This mist can be used to invoke the archangels, give gratitude and thanks to the archangels, anchor the energy of the angelic realm into the physical realm, or just to set a space of ultimate protection, healing, and love.

This mist is created in such a way it will open a portal to the divine, letting in only love, light, and positivity, creating a crystalline grid in the physical realm for protection so you may rest and be at ease in your deepest meditation, during ritual, or at any time you feel called to bring in these energies.

Take heart, and be cautious using this mist. Respect for any energy or beings we work with is important in receiving the full power that it brings. This mist is deeply sacred, and truly remarkable.

With the scents of lavender, ravenswood, fir needle, magnolia, sweet orange, sandalwood, rose, and ylang ylang you will experience what it is like to be in the presence of all the archangels, and be wrapped it the pure and blissful light of the realm of angel energy.

This mist now includes crystal mineral powder to add a luminisant affect that can be sprayed on the body for an angelic glow.


*1OZ glass spray bottle*

To use: Simply spray at the beginning or end of every day for protection and light. Spray in devotion and thanks to the angelics. Spray to promote clarity and positivity.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, 100% Pure Organic Spirits, Handmade Herbal Florida Water, Essential Oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil, mica.

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