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What is the call of your spirit animal? Is your spirit animal a wolf, running through the forest trees in darkness, steady, unstoppable, and effortlessly moving through obstacles, howling at the moon and moving through the unknown? Is your spirit animal a lion, the fierce warrior of leadership, loyalty, unity, and order. Ruling the jungle in harmony with nature and expressing strength through the roar of might? Perhaps it is a Dragon, who's roar is heard throughout the universe and magic remains untouched and unfathomed by human minds, whos wing span crosses mountains and beauty is to tremble for.

Whatever your spirit animal may be, connect with it during sacred rituals of the bare body and self care. The greatest offering is our own sacred ritual with our physical vessels. Each scrub is crafted to help you attune to the call of your spirit animal and embody the very essence of your animal ally. Use the scrub to exfoliate your outer toxic human layer, and be rebirthed into your revitalized spiritual nature. All without gmo's, animal cruelty, toxins, animal parts, preservatives and additives.

Roar Body Scrub: Does your inner primal nature roar? Do you have a spirit animal that roars? This body scrub will open a sacred loving gateway to this energy. Allowing you to connect and tune into the calling of this being. This scrub is created with ingredients that fight inflammation, protect the skin cells, heal skin imbalances, and clear the pores of toxins and excess oil.

Howl Body Scrub: Does your inner primal nature howl? Do you wish to connect with a spirit animal who's call manifests as a howl? This body scrub will attune you to the energy of that which you seek. This body scrub will detox the skin and remove impurities. It gives moisturzaton without oil residue, and deep exfoliation. Removing toxins and pollution from the skin, clearing acne and scarring. Packed with essential minerals and nutrients for the skin to be smooth and clear. Free of harmful metals and toxins. Crafted with pure sugar cane, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, activated charcoal, grapeseed oil, oakmoss, sandalwood, fir needle, and myrrh.

More spirit scrubs will be added soon!

Care for me as I care for you 💙 For optimal benefits, during use, do not get water into the scrubs. As the water will reduce freshness of the scrub, due to the lack of preservatives and additives. For best use, store in a cool, dry area. Use within 12 months.

All listings are vegan, natural, toxin free, cruelty free, organic, preservative free, additive free, and free of b.s.

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